Monday, August 15, 2011

Behold The Trumpet!

 It was not the chosen instrument.

 After careful consideration, and very carefully planned out manipulation encouragement, the flute was the chosen instrument.  On Izzy's part, the flute was easy to carry, and being a tween of petite stature, size/weight matters.  On Mom/Dad's part, volume control and price were the mitigating factors.

Alas, Band Director trumped us all.....  Ha ha, that was not an intended pun.

Izzy came home with a note that informed us that she was not flute material, and that the trumpet was her ideal instrument match.  So, a 400% increase in both volume and price resulted.  And yes that is the Hubs in the background massaging away as Izzy toots her own horn.....  Yeah, that pun was intended.

Now there is an added bonus to Izzy's new extra cirricular activity.  Not only do dogs join in on the musical interlude, but her brothers also participating in a howling rendition of Izzy's attempt at recreating the sounds of Podunk, ie crazed cow and chicken in heat......  Hey, look at that, I scored myself a hat trick in puns!

 And then there is the Moops' new found talent.  Music is Izzy's, Magic seems to be his....  I wonder what Ike has in store for us!

Ohhhhhhhh Demolition!

Alex is more of our comedian.  His medium of choice being a torrential drenching of sarcastic commentary.  It's really hard to get a picture of dripping sarcasm
 Not so hard to get a picture of him, after his brothers have gotten to him.......

 Ahhhhh.  You can see the sarcasm sparkle from his eyes!

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