Friday, August 26, 2011

Come On Irene......

We are so totally off the beaten path, in regards to Irene.  While most of the East Coast is hunkering down, we will be at a Water Park, eating catered hamburgers and hob knobing with engineers........  Maybe Hurricane Irene is the event we should be going for.......

But I digress......

This morning, Ike (the 4 year old) informed me that he does not like "adult films". 

Honestly, I was not sure how to respond......  And Im sure at least 80% of you thought what I thought.  Heck, Im even guessing 99.95% of you did!!

And no.  We do not show our children "adult films".

Fortunately, he explained his preference.  He likes cartoon movies, as opposed to movies with adults in them.

WHEW!  Im sure I dodged a bullet there!

There was then the cookie argument.  I had to eat the last chips ahoy to avoid further conflict. 

Yes, being a Mom is difficult at times.......

I then had to drink the last Dr Pepper, and yes it was throw back DP.  We are a HFCS Free household afterall.......

Welcome to my world.

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  1. And just where would one find a throwback DP??? I looked and looked for the throwback 7UP and never found one. It really does take forever for newfangled things to reach us out West.