Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello My Name Is......

Anna and I failed the Flylady.....

In my defense, I have 4 children and an adult male, that I must compensate for.  My oldest has chosen the organizational route of the tornado.  There is then my Alex P. Keaton Clone, who surprisngly is named Alex.......  Yeah, I foresee a briefcase in his immediate future (more on him later, lots more.....).  There is then the 5 year old, and there is a 4 year old.  And then there is my husband.  I love my husband.  He is a wonderful man.  He works hard, he is very dedicated to our children, and he doesnt force me to watch football.  Except for that one fateful day in late November/ early December.  But in his defense, there is more than just a funky ball at stake..........  Go Army!  Sink Navy..........  Oh, and he provides liquor!

But here I sit.  As I observe his hamper skillz.......  Yes, he chose a box from our last move, over the hamper we have had for almost a decade.  His reason, he doesn't like the hamper.  Mind you, HE picked out the damn hamper.......

We are now in School mode as well.  And well, we have 3 kids in school.  This means that I get homework, graded papers, permission slips, notices, random crap, fundraisers, and various other wastes of paper X3!  Im pretty sure my household alone has irradicated a rainforest somewhere in Guatemala.  Oh, and Im a Room Parent for the Kindergartener.  Im generating enough crap to irradicate a rain forest all by myself!

Just an FYI.  If you were to subject a potential first time parent to the paperwork of raising a child from birth to 18, you could easily reduce the number of children born each year by 99.999999999999999879%.  No joke!

So, here I sit.  It's Tuesday. I have counted up the paper for the week.  We are at 102.  AND my 6th Grader was home sick today.  Tomorrow will compensate for her absence.  Oh Joy!

And darn it.  I forgot AR again for the kindergartener.  Ugh! 


  1. Hello my dear, while I truly enjoy your musings, I find comfort in your chaos...confirming that I am not alone in my chaos! :) I cannot just lurk this time and allow your musings to go unanswered...Go Navy! Beat Army!!! Wink, wink!! One year we'll have to go together, well, we can tailgate together before and after, but I'm afraid that I cannot sit with you. ;) Have a great day my friend! ~~ Keri

  2. Ah Keri. My Friend! One day we will tailgate together. Go Army!