Sunday, August 7, 2011

Never Disappointed!

Yesterday I took my Daughter back to the store, to complete her school supply shopping.  She is in middle school now, so her school supply list was not complete until she got her class schedule.

Two things I have realized about middle school.

1.  Not all teachers are created equal.  This I know is a no brainer, but it becomes even more evident, when each individual educator is allowed to create their own school supply list.  Listed below are some (ok one) examples....
     a.)  The Health Teacher requires a 3 ring binder, with brand specific dividers AND a homework folder, for her class alone.  Health is a semester long class.  The Math teacher requires a folder and a $0.20 spiral notebook........  The Math class is an entire year and advanced placement.

Ok, so I have only one example.  Sometimes that is all you need!

Back to our shopping trip.

For any parent, school supply shopping is stressful.  For one, the same product can range in price drastically.  You have your options.  Do you buy the $3 spiral bound notebook, or cheap out with the $0.20 spiral bound notebook.  Ill give you a hint here, I showed my daughter that you can erase the front cover on the cheap notebook and decorate as you please!!!!!!! 

There is then the challenge of dealing with a brand specific teacher.  Really now, how necessary is it that us parents must fork over $4 for an item, that we can get a very decent equivalent at $1?  But then again, Darling Daughter informed me her one brand specific teacher has never been married, nor bore spawn of her own......

And then, the best part of the shopping trip!

Another Mom was also shopping with her Daughter.  The Daughter came across a pink pillow, and insisted she needed it.  The Mom pointed out she already had a pink pillow and did not need another one.

An all out fit of rage followed by a very public temper tantrum insued. 

Said Mom bought the pink pillow. 

Which Im sure will look great in her Daughter's College Dorm Room!

Being that my Daughter was totally cool about me nixing the expensive spiral notebooks for the cheap ones.  Well, I let her pick out a really cute mirror for her locker. 

I was cool for like 30 seconds there!

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