Sunday, April 24, 2011

Short Term Memory Loss

Im pretty sure not even a truck load of Gingko Biloba could help me now.  Fortunately, I just text myself any information I need to remember.  Or at least think I should remember.  I then spend hours filing through my texts wondering what they heck I intended when I texted myself, because it sure as heck no longer makes sense.  Sometimes I have a good mental moment, and remember why I texted whatever it was that I texted myself, then I go back to see if I can conjure up anymore mental accuity; only to realize that whatever it was that I finally remembered is now obsolete. 

Anyways, here I am wanting to blog. And for the life of me, I can't remember much of what I wanted to blog about.  Even though I have a series of texts with comments, statements and similar such entries; all of which no longer make any sense to me.

I need a nap.  Oh, wait.  That is one of the comments on my phone!  That must have been from Thursday, when I went to go hide in my room for a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Ike must have sensed an overwhelming serenity with in the vicinity, because like a heat seeking missile, he flew into my room and promptly eviscerated my peace and tranquility.  Next thing I know he had taken over my game of Angry Birds, and his brother has burrowed himself into my nice comfy blankets.  Peace was gone, Quiet was gone, and I now have a stabbing pain in my side from where Warren kicked me, as he burrowed deeper into my bedding.

In a desperate attempt to convince Ike the water activity at the park was indeed good clean fun.  We made our way back to the park, towels in hand.
 And Ike had fun!  Lots and lots of fun!

 Warren was a zombie, and Ike was fighting the zombie apocalypse.

This is where I informed them it was time to go and pick up their Sister from school.  Gasp!  The horrors!

 When we got home though, there was a big box!  So, they had forgotten the horrible atrocities I had committed.
MMMMMMMMM  Buttercream Cookies!

Did I mention this weekend is also Easter Weekend?

And what happens when Grandpa sends Easter Baskets 3000 miles?

 This is your typical Chocolate Bunny.....
This is your typical Chocolate Bunny mailed from the deserts of Nevada......

Or Salvador Dali is our Post Master. 

Take Your Pick...

7am came far too early this morning. 
And so did the sugar high, courtesy of the Easter Bunny, Grandparents and Hubby Dear......

 Ike hasn't quite grasped the concept of an Easter Egg Hunt.  He had no trouble finding eggs.  And he had lots of fun.  He would show me every egg he found, and then promptly toss it over his shoulder.  DOH!

 Oh look, someone joined in on the fun!

 This is Warren impatiently showing me his stash, as he watches Isabel and Alex fight over an orange egg....

 This is Ike wanting me to take the egg from the turtle...

We don't put candy into the eggs.  Istead this year they got "lucky stars" they could cash in for money.....  That's because we neglected to get change ahead of time....  Doh!

Happy Easter to all!

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