Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There is Marshall Law, Murphy's Law and then National Lampoons......

I would have blogged lastweek, but I have a legitimate excuse....

No, Really I do!

I will first start off with, my Aunt was coming for a visit.  I love my Aunt, so that meant I processed through the ritual preparations.  One being to insure the plumbing was functioning.  Silly me, I insisted on unclogged drains, which I got.  Along with an ill timed busted pipe in my ceiling.  This gauranteed wet carpet, a wet couch, and at least 3 loads of wet dingy towels.  Like my procrastinating self is prepared for this type of situation.

But WAIT, it gets better.........

Yes, the busted pipe was indeed repaired, and my Aunt was gauranteed a reliable shower!

WHEW!  Disaster averted.

That was until Mother Nature decided to do some Spring Cleaning of her own.

3 a.m. is when it started, a severe thunderstorm embarked onto our peaceful home.  To be honest, it didnt sound all that bad, aside from some serious rain; I really didnt realize we were in a severe storm.  And my loving daughter made no appearance in our room due to thunder, lightning, or her brother's snoring. So, we were not made aware of Mother Nature's intentions of deforesting Northern and East Central Georgia.

It was a surprise when 6 a.m. announced it's arrival via my phone's alarm clock, and there was my dear husband still sound asleep.  Looking up at his clock, it was obvious we were lacking the luxury of electricity..  He leapt up out of bed, and was gone in a flash.....  He was late.

Being that it was officially "spring break", I sort of rolled out of bed in a sloth like fashion figuring there was no possibility of vacuuming yet.  Or getting the rest of my dingy towels washed either.

I did finally arise, and from there I got ready to tackle the day.  Which in this case, entailed a trip to find dry ice. This did not go well.  Here is what we encountered on our way out of our neighborhood.

Downed Power Line 4 houses from us

And then this......

The arborists had to carve the tree out, so they could clear the road.  On the other side of the road is the rest of the tree.

I went to pick up the ice, with my 4 kids in tow, and a cold shower preceding.  And that is where I encountered Murphy, via the grocery cashier.
As I vented to her that we were without power, I had to drive 3 hours to pick up my aunt, and all 4 of my kids were wound up like cats on catnip, and my playroom was still soggy from the previous days busted pipe.  She had the audacity to say "it could be worse".

Just an FYI for future reference.  If you have a cranky patron, with 4 hopped up kids buying $40 worth of dry ice, "it could be worse" is NOT the way to respond.  Almost ANY other reply would have been acceptable, but "it could be worse" should have you shot!

 I shot her what I refer to as the Darth Vader Death Glare, it is much like the stink eye but also requires heavy angry labored breathing.

Ten Minutes later the dry ice is in fridge, and I make my way to meet my aunt.  Attempt #1..... 

We counted 60 downed trees on our way down the 5 mile stretch of road to the interstate.

Just as I was approaching I-20, I get a call from our pregnant neighbor.  She cannot get her garage open and she has an appointment with her OB.  So, U-turn I make, and head on back. 

We then counted those same 60 trees in reverse.

Neighborly Welfare Check, completed. Attempt #2.....  And we again confirmed those 60 downed trees.  Im telling you, this was impressive.  I wish I had better camera skills, or more time to pull over and get pictures.
We then counted at least 100 more downed trees along I-20, encountered several gas stations with no electricity.  We finally made it to the Atlanta Airport, a few minutes behind schedule... Whew!  What a day!

Aunt is in car, it is now time to find a Steak N' Shake.  We find one, eat, and move on.  VERRRRRY SLOWLY.

We then recounted all the trees we had counted before, again, in reverse.

We make it back to the Augusta area, only to find that we are indeed still lacking the luxury of electricity..... Mind you, we live pretty danged close to a functioning nuclear power.  But it is a tree that is averting our chances at comfort.

After much passive aggressive non decision making we head out for dinner. We polish off plenty of pizza and head back to candles and a fire place.....

I swear I rotated the picture before uploading it.  I think it is just the power of Warren at play here.

The boy loves his pizza!

Stay Tuned for Part 2..........

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