Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sprung A Leak

Spring is here in Georgia, and with that comes heat.  The local park has a fountain activity where kids can get soaked, and soak others.  Warren was thrilled!

 Warren soaked, happy and having fun!

Ike, not so much.

Ike had no intention of entertaining the idea of good clean fun.  So, instead he played in the mulch and waited until Warren was done.   Then he zonked out in the car for a nice long nap.

I wish I could have napped, I didn't get much sleep lastnight.  Having to share a bed with Warren, Giraffie the Giraffe and Reggie the Dinosaur was not exactly ideal.  It being the bottom bunk, and all the pillows and blankets hoarded by a tie dyed t-rex and a giraffe.  Well, I figured I should just muddle through. 

Reggie The Dinosaur, he likes to dress up like a sheriff.

Giraffie, he would like to know if this is his good side?
Fortunately for me, both Ike and Warren insist on the shark sleeping downstairs.  He sleeps with his mouth open and Ike says it's freaky at night. 

I think I agree with Ike.

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  1. I agree with Ike, too. The shark sleeping with its mouth wide open is a little creepy.