Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fairy Tales

Growing up, I always wondered how they were thought up.  Especially some of those Dark Grimms Fairy Tales, those dudes were twisted.

And then today happened.  Now, it helps to know, we watched a Norwegian Movie lastnight called Troll Hunter.  It was actually a pretty decent film, at least what we have watched so far.  We still have 15 minutes to go, The Hubs was too tired after his Stick Fighting class yesterday to make it all the way.  Think of it as Blair Witch meets Jurassic Park, all in Norwegian. 

Some things we have learned though.....

1.  Trolls either turn to stone or explode when exposed to UV rays.  So, if you ever find yourself in the dense dark woods or on a remote moutain top in Norway late at night, be sure to have a super bright flash bulb on hand.  And if you choose to hunt trolls, sleeping in a tanning bed slathered in sunblock seems comforting.

2.  Trolls LOVE to chew on old tires. 

3.  Trolls sound very much like a semi's horn

4.  When Trolls mark their territory, it looks like Slimer had his fill and ended up puking ectoplasm all over a tree.

5.  Lot's of Downed Trees are not only a sign of Tornados, but also traveling Trolls.  This would explain an episode that occured back in April of this year.  We woke up to no power, at least 20% of the trees in our region downed, and my Aunt on a plane from Texas to the Great State of Georgia, where we had to dine by  grill and endure cold showers. Im starting to think we may have a troll in them thar hills.... 

6. Mountain Trolls like to chuck boulders are Woodland Trolls.  And Vice Versa.

Hmmmmm can't remember much else.


We started our day first at an apple orchard.  Where we picked lots of apples, ate too many and the bought some apple cider to finish it all off. 

 So, I am mildly distracted.  But I wanted to share my Son's effort towards putting clean dishes away......

 It's Friday, and it has been a LOOOOOOONG week. 

 Here is Izzy, with Pixil.  Pixil is my Sister's new Fur Baby.  Pixil thinks she is a lap dog.  We are planning her intervention.

 Ahhhh, Back to the Apples!  It's Apple Season!

Here is Ike, with the First Apple!  We will get to the trolls in a moment.  I promise.

Izzy picking Apples.
 We like apples...
 A lot!
I know you are thinking we went overboard.  But in all honesty, we will be lucky if this lasts us 2 weeks.  Tops.  I swear!  Im not exagerating.
 Now to Red Top Mountain, which is a fantastic State Park righ along Allatoona Lake.  I promise.  The Troll story is coming.....

 Im just gonna force you to look at pictures of my kids first....

 There was a playground, right along the cove.

 Moops REALLY REALLY wants to conquer the monkey bars.  Unfortunately, he was born with short arms.....

 Ike likes to slide, then climb back up and slide again....

 You know, we probably have a $1000 worth of toys.  And yet, any chance he gets, he goes for a stick....

Ahh, here we go.  There are rocks like this all over Red Top Mountain.  The Hubs explained to Alex and Moops all about how these rocks came about......

They used to be trolls, you see.  And they were exposed to sunlight and turned to stone. 

Im pretty sure they weren't buying it, until we came upon a whole bunch of downed trees....  Which The Hubs explained shows that Trolls were in the area.

And as luck would have it, just as he explained that. There was this inexplicable roar.  Which of course The Hubs took as a "Troll"...... 

Most likely they didn't buy it.  But, we had a blast with it anyways.  And well, if they ever find themselves in Norway, on a remote mountain or in dense woods, they will remember what we told them, and then totally freak out!

In other news.  Im addicted to our new dryer sheets.  They are nothing new, or extra ordinary.  I just got tired of the scent of our old dryer sheets, and now I am enjoying the scent of new ones.  They are even brand name, as opposed to the usual store brand I tend to buy.  Lame, I know.  But, sniffing my shirt and enjoying the new scent has been something I have done a lot of lately.  You'd think I have issues.  Ok, well maybe I do.  The Hubs would probably agree, as he caught me sniffing my shirt earlier this evening and just could not make heads or tails over what I was doing.  Tomorrow will be great!  I intend to wash our bedding, and then use our new dryer sheets.

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