Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday's Bucket List On A Saturday

Yesterday was a doozie.  I added a day in Moops' class as a volunteer.  Friday is testing day, they test these kids on a lot of weird things.  Like, on several occasions I observed kids doing a series of random actions, then returning to their teacher, and being praised.  And when I say random, I mean random.  Like one kid walked in a circle, tip toed across the room, and then patted his head and said good boy.  And a little girl came up to me, shook my hand, walked in a circle and then jumped up and down 3 times.   And there was another little girl who went and drew a heart on the blackboard, moved a chair and then clucked like a chicken.  I'm telling you, not knowing what was going on, it really threw me for a loop.  The teacher caught on though, and then explained it to me.

There were other things that happened in Kindergarten as well.  Like the kid whose mom bought him scented markers.  Oh he was really good about sharing with everyone.  And when he came across a scent he really liked, he was diligent about making sure everyone got a good whiff.  He finally approached one little girl, tripped and proceeded to impale said scented marker into her nose. Now, there is a Mother out there wondering why her little girl came home with a blue nostril.   And knowing this little girl, her version involved fairies and chocolate......

And then there was the little boy, with a very thick southern drawl.  Oh he was fun.  At least 3 times today I found myself unknotting his shoes.  Even every single time he said it was his Mother who didn't know how to tie shoes.  Once I saw him sitting on the carpet, untying his shoes and then knotting them up.  And then he would come to me with the same story of how his Mom can't tie shoes.  Then he would tell me "I would tie my own shoes, but I just don't have the time"..... 

There was then Lego time, where I introduced one kid to the concept of sky walks, and how they could connect all of his lego buildings together.  He told me I was really smart!  He made me feel good, especially after the whole marker incident.....

I have been in Kindergarten 4 times now, and am now past the age of 29..... That kind of exposure, it does something to your brain.  Fortunately, I am not as bad off as the Mom sorting books in the library.  I'm pretty sure she is on some kind of valium/liquor/illegal stimulant cocktail.   She was far too giggly to be sane, or sober.

My time in Kindergarten was followed up with Friday Afternoon Follies.  One being Izzy's discovery of a new talent.  Yes, I am now the proud mother of a girl who has learned to squeeze her cheeks in a manner that causes a slapping sound!  Ivy League, I tell you.  I see Ivy League Potential there.

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