Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Of THOSE Days

Or maybe week, It's only Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Grocery Day.  Then there is still Friday left in the line up...

Monday the kids were home from school.  Although it was also Columbus Day, according to the school calendar it was technically a "furlough" day.  I think our PTA should set up a fundraiser in which Furlough Days can be funded and we can then send our kids to school.  I will admit that I enjoyed sleeping in though.

Yesterday I did something I had not done in 10+ YEARS.  I went to an in person interview.  And it sucked!  President Sleazeball was conducting the interview, and when my Stepford Bred behind stepped foot into his office, it was pretty obvious that this job was not going to work out for either of us.  It's OK, I'm not really bummed.  The job was definitely not what was initially advertised, and I am most definitely not the right person for the job.  BUT, it did take some time to wrap my brain around the whole experience.  Because it sure was a doozie.  I will say, I do prefer the computer screening process all that much more now.  While my eyeballs are permanently singed, and my brain is no longer cognitively viable, I can say that working through a computerized assessment is far less traumatic. 

That whole experience was followed up with just a series of daily nondescript child related events.  Ike is very heavily involved with his goal to fully secure our house using only Legos.

Honestly, it is a very functional approach to home security.  Unfortunately, it prevents more than just burglars from getting into the house.....  And the damn things fall into the floor vents, and I find myself fashioning different tools in an attempt to fish them back out of the vents.  I need to put mesh screening on the vents again.

And you know what is kind of creepy.  When your door is shut, and slowly ooze in Legos, like in a horror movie when someone finds themself trapped by gelatonous slime that is coming at them to claim their life.  Legos have the same effect, when coming from under a closed door.  That is until, you open the door and kneeling there is your 4 year old with a "what, Im innocent even though Im need deep in incriminating evidence in the middle of the crime scene" expression going.  It's similar to "deer in headlights", or "husband caught eating what you planned to make for dinner in 20 minutes" looks.

Le Sigh...

There was then Academic Reinforcement.  AKA.  Moops had homework......

His teacher always raves about how great a student he is.  Something about being ahead of the class, this apparently is a 1st Grade Skill that he has mastered as a Kindergartner.  Pride doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling.

Izzy had homework too. 

I don't know about you, but the only Ethics I was learning in 6th Grade had to do with whether or not I should tell the teacher who it really was that put the moldy sandwich into the class nerds' desk.  It was the Principal's kid of course, and I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to end up with a moldy sandwich in my desk......

DNRs and Life Support Issues were left to adults.  But then again, in California kids can now get vaccinated to prevent the development of cancers contracted through sexual intercourse without their parents permission, at the age of 12.

Then after Dinner I decided I needed a soda.  I haven't had one in well over a week, and being the "health" concious fool that I am, I opted for a 20oz soda from the vending machine instead of the $0.99 2-Liter from the store.  The vending machine ate my $1.50 and I ended up going home without my High Fructose Corn Syrup and Caffeine fix. It's a conspiracy, Im convinced of it!

 Le Sigh. 

I should have stuck with wine.

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