Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Mall, MMA and Rye Bread

We took the kids to the mall today.  It's like herding cats through a mine field.  There is always at least one going off on a tangent, another voicing their not so pleasant opinions, and another that has figured out a way to climb up your leg and perch itself  somewhere on your head or shoulder.  All the while, you have to maneuver about in order to avoid everyone that absolutely insists on walking head on into you.

It's safe to assume that we did not stay long.  We have a method.  I shop, The Hubs takes the kids to the kiddie corral.  And we meet up when we are done, and proceed to listen to our kids express their desires for over priced cookies and pretzels as big as their heads. 

We don't do this often, we usually wait long enough in between trips to forget just how it really goes down.  Then one fateful weekend, when we don't have anything planned, one of us loses all sense of sanity and suggests a family trip to the mall!  This weekend, it was me who lost all sense of sanity. 

I have this really cool feature in my van, and never really realized just how awesome of a feature it is until today.  I can fade the volume on the radio from front to back, and in doing so, control just how much of my kids noise I subject myself to.  Genius!  And yes, I know Im a tad slow.....

Random.  I know.  Bare with me.

Anyways, on the way home, after successfully fading the commotion in the back and replacing it with the music of my generation....  The Hubs and I had a lovely conversation, about MMA.  Ah, yes, Mixed Martial Arts. 

At first, I wasn't too keen on the concept of MMA.  I will admit, the influence of Stepford has affected me deeply.  And well, sometimes the stigma is hard to shake.  But, Im now getting into it.  First, it is never a dull day at the Dojo.  Dependent on what class is going on, and who is there.  It can be quite exciting.  And second, its' better than football. 

Please, I mean no offense to those of you that prefer the pigskin.  I just honestly could not get into it, but I think that is because I never found a group of football fans that focused on who was gonna get hurt first.  If there was a way I could bet on that, I might get into the sport..... 

Alex played football for 3 years, and those 3 years were hard on me.  Every game, I would pad him up, and hope like heck it didn't end with a visit to the ER.  He fortunately caught on quick, and never tried to hard to end up in the heep of players all laying on the ball.  And the one time he did get hurt, it was because he attached himself to the guy he was supposed to block.  And being that the kid had 50 lbs and 4 ft on Alex, all he did was brush him off like you would a fly.  Alex learned to aim for below the waist after that game.

Just an FYI.  If you show up at an ER with 4 kids in tow, you get bumped up the triage priority pole pretty quick.  Im pretty sure we trumped the heart attack victim that evening.  Lady with 4 kids in exam room 2, get her processed and sent home STAT!

So, I guess if the ball wasnt the focus of that game, I would be more into it.

After our lovely conversation, we made a milk run.  And with that, we also needed Rye Bread.  The Hubs likes his rye bread, and so its a must in our house.  Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong brand, and did not notice until after I had already paid. 

And being that I just could not see myself heading over to customer service to exchange said bread, with a straight face.  I brought it home, hoping The Hubs wouldn't notice. 

He did. 

My bad.

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