Thursday, October 20, 2011


Izzy has PE this grading period.  It has required the purchase of a locker, appropriate gym attire, extra deodorant, and Izzy changing in a confined space with 100 of her not so closest puberty stricken friends.....

And being that Izzy had a full 9 weeks of Health Education preceding her new class schedule.  She is fully aware of all that happens in this petry dish we refer to as the gym locker room.

And she is none too happy about it.

And Neither am I. 

I have already had to argue with her over leg hair.  I remember having the same argument with my Mom around this age, verbatim...

I remember PE and the locker room.  I also remember being a very late bloomer.  And thanks to flash backs, I now remember WHY training bras are exceptionally important to 11 year old girls in middle school.  It's not necessarily to hide what you have, but more to hide what you don't!

Remember 16 candles?  I so remember that movie. 

I shudder to remember the awkwardness of it all.  I remember the strong desire to change in one of the shower stalls, and avoid any and all akwardness.

That's when notes from home started became routine procedure as well.

And the paranoia that sets in with the anticipation of what "all" the other girls already deal with.  And then when you finally do get it.  UGH.  It's even worse!  It's the start of perpetual paranoia, the stocking of feminine hygiene, and the smuggling of midol. 

And it is all down hill from there!

It's amazing how the brain shuts those memories out, until it is necessary for them to come flooding back in.  I shudder just reminiscing.

So, I guess we will be shopping for appropriate undergarments far earlier in life than I had anticipated.  I was kind of hoping to have become senile before I had to actually acknowledge that my little girl was on the verge of puberty. 

And to think.  I have 3 boys to follow up with.....  It maybe time for a role reversal for The Hubs and I. 

Good thing, there is wine on this planet.  I may need a bottle, box, gallon jug; at the end of the day.


  1. The good thing with boys is that it's smelly but not quite as bloody!

  2. Oof. I guess I should just invest in febreze stock now, and buy in bulk....