Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ants Go Marching One By One....

Alex is not enjoying his cast as much as we are.  It is itchy, confining and now he has an ant in it.  He also refuses to let us spray it with glitter paint and decorate it with a feather boa.  He said no to metallic markers and cool vinyl decals as well.  And when someone asks him what happens, he sighs heavily and tells them he refuses to talk about it.

You can tell it bugs him, because he has this look on his face that would be similar to if he were to walk into the girls bathroom thinking it was the boys.  It's awkward.

He says he can feel the ant move around and it tickles and is itchy.  We tried to flush it out (it's a waterproof cast).  But the ant still remains.  And I spent 30 minutes blow drying his arm until it stopped dripping.

It's kind of like that one time I inhaled a gnat up my nostril. 

There are reasons people don't like bugs.  If they just minded their own business, we wouldn't even notice them.  Instead, they move in on your turf, eat your basil plant and then fly up your nose.

The good news is, we have discovered that Alex's right arm is not as useless as we had previously expected.  He can actually write legibly.

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