Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grocery Day

OK, in truth, everyday is grocery day for us.  There are six of us, and I am horribly disorganized, and the rest of my family assumes I am psychic and know that they need more of xy and z. 

There is only one thing I dislike more than ironing, and that would be grocery day with all 4 kids in tow.  Fortunately, it was only Ike in tow.  And Ike is pretty cool, but that is because I bribe him.

Today it was with a Sprite.

We also menu plan, which irritates me to no end.  Not because I have to make a list, but because I have to remember the list when I go grocery shopping.  Forget coupons, I have 10 years of coupons cut up and all organized into pretty little piles in my expandable wallet sized organizer.........  Which was left in my Expedition when we traded it in for the Swagger Wagon.  Two years ago.

There are four types of grocery day for us.

First is our marathon trip, where I plan out my menu, head out only to remember I forgot the damn menu and have to turn around to get it.  And then I bribe Ike, so he doesn't go Tasmanian devil on me.

Second would be the filler trips.  Those are the ones where I need up to replenish our eggs, milk, wine and bread trips.

Third would be those trips where my day sucked and I am out of wine.  Ice cream is usually purchased as well.

And finally, there is holiday grocery shopping.  Which is like the Shopping Olympics, and since most significant holidays fall on school breaks, that also includes 4 kids.   Insert explicatives here.

At least it is done, the big one that is.  And my pantry and fridge are organized, for now.  And I even remembered to buy The Hubs his mouth wash. 

Now, it is time for wine, tv, and my yoga pants!


  1. I love your blog....I am just as disorganized..heck if it weren't for my daughter's ASD and OCD and need for routine, and obsession with coupon clipping every Sunday(a 2-3 hour window of peace for me) we would never have enough food to get through the month.
    She has a big zippered binder with 12 sections of those clear card collector thingys...puts the coupons in the pockets so she can see what they are for and files by monthly expiration dates every Sunday... :)
    If I say we are going shopping.. she grabs the coupon binder and even the canvas bags too(I always forget them)
    I found that giving her the job of checking in her binder for each item to see if we have a coupon keeps her so focused that she rarely has meltdowns in the stores anymore :)
    Our trips to the stores take forever but she is happy and I save a ton on our bill at the check-out :)

    1. It's great to meet you! And Thanks! I wish I could utilize my Daughter that way, unfortunately she is far more disorganized than I am. Le Sigh. I'm gonna hop on over and check out your blog too!

    2. It's great to meet you too. I, too, am a disorganized mommy...I have been checking out a couple of bloggers that share how to organize and one that shows how to have actually made some head way with some of their tips :)