Friday, April 6, 2012

Not So Close Encounters Of The Yuppie Kind

Wanderlust struck us this week.  So that means ROAD TRIP!

Destination:  The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

First stop was a gas station somewhere in North Carolina for a quick potty break.  But, we will start our picture gallery at a tourist trap on Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. 

Then Lunch at Dairy Queen. This is Ike's Dilly Bar before he puked it up along with his fries and ketchup.  There would have been chicken involved, but he refused to eat it.  So, I'm a bit relieved.

Joe Oliver's Cabin, in Cade's Cove.  It was kind of cute.  There were a few other houses and some churches as well.  And much to The Hubs' frustration, NO black bears to be had. 

About 5 minutes before this picture, Ike tripped.  As he tripped he tooted a little bit.  When he stood back up, he looked up at us all and stated "I farted", nothing about falling on his face.

We had Dinner at another Tourist Trap, Gatlinburg.  Here the boys ordered pizzas that were served with those pie spatulas.  It was a duel to the death!  Until Mommy screamed and made Dad take the spatulas away.

Look! Elk!  We think.  Maybe I should google to make sure......  Yup, Elk.

We were about 15 feet from them, and on a ledge.  In total there were about 8 of them, staring at us while we all ogled them and took their pictures.  We even caused a traffic jam!  And eventually we had a whole herd of humans congregated ogling in unison.  All but Ike would get out of the car.  Ike refused to get out of the car, he stood on his seat and looked out the window.  Moops on the other hand was so excited, we had to hold on to him, so he would stop running into the road.  Le Sigh.

It was a nice day, with the exception of the fighting, puke, and the lack of bears. 

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