Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day

I have a mosquito bite on my lip, and I am not sure what bothers me more.  The fact that my lip is now itchy and sensitive, and a little bit puffy.  Or the fact that a bug was on my mouth. 

The only thing to trump my itchy lip would be witnessing Moops sneeze and then slurp up his snot, all in one swift action.  It was gross and it was a 6 year old doing the next best thing, after his Mom snaps at him not to smear the snot across his arm, and he is not anywhere near a tissue. 

Izzy's description of what a kid did in class would rank up there too, when you can clear a room with a silent deadly odor, without even trying.  I'm not sure if I hated middle school more, back when I was there, or now that I am a Mom to a middle school student. 

The good news is, Izzy is not going to date in middle school.  She has decided she doesn't need the added drama of boy troubles.  She is drama enough on her own.   Her words, I was relieved. WHEW! 

In Jiu Jitsu, Alex was grappling with another kid, and proceeded to rip the kids toe nail off. 

Ike didn't do anything remotely gross today.  He did chug an entire bottle of water, after Izzy fed him a flaming hot cheeto.  He was pretty upset, he doesn't do spicy and Izzy knows that.  She found it hilarious. 

And so it is.....  Wednesday.

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