Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Had A Super Title For This Entry

But my Mom reads my blog, and well, Ill be seeing her soon.  So, I don't need to be using such vulgar vernacular. 

My Husband got his butt kicked at Jiu Jitsu today by a large well trained officer of the law.....  The Hubs says that if a large cop is trying to arrest you, it is best not to resist the arrest. 

So far, only his butt hurts.  But I have a very strong suspicion that his right shoulder is going to hurt a lot too.  Being that it is all red and swollen and covered in welts from being slammed into the mats.  He had fun though, and can't wait to go back for some more....  "Please Sir, May I Have Another?"

But that is enough about him.  That is unless you want to hear all about his PMP courses on audiobook narrated by the ever so astute Cornelius!  Oh yeah, they are as enthralling as it sounds.

Alex had his first day of tutoring today.  When I picked him up, and asked him how it went; He was quite upset.  They gave him generic Cheetos for snack.  Now being that The Hubs used to be employed by the Cheetos Manufacturer.  Nothing but the name brand will do in our household.  Izzy assumed he meant store brand cheesie poofs.  Nope.  In Alex's words "No, they gave us that Dollar Store Crap".  Oh lovely, my son has inherited my penchant for words!

I have pictures to share today! 

Isn't it cute?  It flew into the window at my brother's girlfriends place of work.  So, being the humane person that she is, she stuck him in a box and gave him to my brother to care for.  My brother was then tasked with picking up a cage from my Grandmother.  But before he did that, he felt the bird needed more room, so he attempted to transfer him to a larger box.  This is when he learned the bird could still fly.  A few minutes later he called me, because I am exceptionally skilled at "catching birds".  The truth is, I don't catch birds, they usually fly at me, and I learned to hold up a sheet to prevent impact.  Im 1500 miles away though, so my brother was on his own, in regards to catching the bird.  Last I heard, it took several hours and 3 of my siblings to secure the bird into the cage. 

***UPDATE*****  My brother was kind enough to inform me that the bird died the next day.......

 This Playground is AWESOME!  Better yet, it is completely fenced in and is next to impossible to escape.  I call it Alcatraz Land.

 There comes a point in time when you realize your kids have outgrown playgrounds....

 This is their attempt at My Version of how to use a tire swing...

 Yeah, well they dont like most of what comes out of my mouth anways...

 Izzy in a pleasant moment. 

 This is where I watched my 2 younger ones use their brains differently.  Moops went all out and took the difficult approach to getting across the tire bridge.  Ike watched him.

 Ike decided Moops' approach was too much effort.  So he just zipped on up the side, and back down the other.

Moops going Tarzan on me.

 Moops Going Army Ranger now.

 Still working on his Ranger Tab

 I foresee more training in his future....
 Izzy isn't going up.  She is going down...
 Ike says "forget the rope, Ill just climb it like a ladder"

Then he realized he is afraid of heights, and hopped back down.  Alex was contemplating jumping, I had to remind him that he didn't have enough money saved up to pay the copay for the ER.

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