Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cabin Fever And Tornados

Izzy is at the tail end of a 2 week forced sabbatical from her social life.  She was in dire need of a personality cleansing, as the dramas that dictate Preteen angst had gotten the better of her.

To say she is driving me nuts, would be a gross understatement.

I will say, this forced sabbatical has been good for her.  She has mellowed some in the drama department, not a lot, but enough.

Unfortunately, there is a level of pent up energy that is quickly coming to capacity.  Having been restricted to interacting with only her brothers and parents, a spastic twitch has formed as a way to cope with the extreme boredom.  Today she introduced me to a new cleaning method.  I call it the "Tornado Technique".  And it's not something I would recommend.  And if she paces any more aggressively through the house, Ill have a 6 inch deep trench formed in my floors.

I think I foresee a "Born Free" moment in our afternoon activities.   I'm going to drive to the park, force her out of the minivan and insist she burn some energy before I let her back in. 

Tomorrow the moratorium on her social life will be lifted, and she will once again be allowed to rejoin her pack.  You can already see the hyenas gathering in the tall grasses close to our house on the hill.  They are just waiting for their pack to be whole again....

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