Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkeys, Face Paint, and One More Day Before The Weekend.....

Izzy has been singing for the last 20 minutes while doing her chores.  First it was Patriotic Songs in her most Operatic Voice she could muster.  We are now on old school Hannah Montana and other Artists I am not entirely sure of.  Bedtime is very very soon.  Thank Goodness.

Today was Moops' Theatrical Debut.  He was an Indian and his line was "Big and Brave".  He was the BEST Indian in the whole production.  I can say that because I am his Mom.

Here is Moops enjoying his Thanksgiving Breakfast Feast.  He still has his war paint on.

After the play was over, Moops schmoozed me into bringing him home early.  And then he and Ike got into a heated battle involving a wooden dachshund pull toy and a cowboy hat.  My house now looks like the toy box exploded.  Well, actually it did, Moops climbed into it and then burst out, thus sending toys in all directions.  He did this just before he made an attempt at sleding in the toy box down our stairs.  The toy box has since been confiscated until further notice.

I wonder if my neighbors heard me screaming.

Then I went out and got the mail.  In the mailbox was a suspicous looking package with The Hubs' name on it.  Inside the package is this thing called a Monkey Fist.  Its a hard little ball on a string.  Had I known such an item would keep The Hubs entertained, I would have attached one to his cage years ago...

And Finally.  Bedtime.

Good Night Shark. 

Good Night Reggie The Technicolor Dinosaur

Giraffey, you and I need to have a little chat about you hogging all the blankets....

Cause Ike's Baby is cold!

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