Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Signing Off

Moops whipped out the fake cry tonight.  I don't hear it often, as he doesn't pull out the fake cry nearly as often as say, Izzy or Ike.  But he did tonight.  Now he is sitting on my lap, snuggling his freshly washed wet hair into my face.  Not exactly pleasant, but at least he doesn't stink.

Ike, well, just as I left for work, he puked all over The Babysitter.  There wasn't much I could do, as I was still stuck demonstrating with the Occupy I-75 Crowd.

Alex has been pretty mellow today.  While Alex P. Keaton tendencies do kick in here and there, we didn't have any intellectual Republican Capitalist Charged discussions beyond what he should sell his old toys for. 

Izzy, well we cleaned out her book bag today.  It could have been declared a National Disaster, and had FEMA gotten involved, her bag would have probably been condemned.  Izzy then would have found herself in a makeshift mobile home of sorts trying to figure out how this all came about.

In a minute, they are all going to bed.  And then Im going to flop on the couch for a few, watch me some Netflix and then head to bed in preparation for another fun filled day of Occupation I-75, Work, and then Jiu Jitsu.  And somewhere in there I have to get food, cause we are out. 

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