Friday, November 18, 2011

'Twas Frieday Night

'Twas Frieday Night and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, we got that damn mouse. 

Little white socks strewn about with no care, all in the hopes that Mom would swoop in and clear.

The kids were all nestled snug in their beds, with visions of Xbox and TV in their heads.

Mom with her wine and me with my night cap, we settled on in for a quick shortlived nap.

When out in the hallway arose such a clatter, we rolled on over and hoped it wouldn't matter.

And that is as far as I am going to get....

I had fun with Alex tonight.  He was invited to a Birthday party, and it was a lot of fun!  I was pressured into participating as well.  So, on came the vest, and out came the lasers.  And get this,  Alex asked to be on my team!  Whimper, sigh, verklemping a bit.....

Next thing I know, Im perched up top one of those jumping inflatable thingies shooting at little kids like a sniper.

This was followed by a carniverous inhalation of pizza and soda, and my stealing of fudge icing off of Alex's cupcake.

And then the finale'

The Game "House"....

Im pretty sure this is what Alex dreams of everynight.

1500 square feet of flat screens and Xbox's all networked together.  With a single row of Recliners.  All so you and 15 of your closest friends can descend onto each other in what can only be referred to as a Super Mega Halo Campaign.

The Birthday Boys Mom attempted to play.  I declined as those new fangled contraptions they call controllers are just too much for my fried brain to manage.  We joked about Ataris and NES' as the guy who worked there pretended to know what we talked about. 

Alex on the other hand.  He has a bit of Napoleon in him.  He climbed the Halo Ranks fast and found himself as the commander, or something along those lines.  All in 20 minutes.  He then stood at attention as he proceeded to kick everyone's butt that fought against him.  A proud moment I am sure I am supposed to have.  I just have to wrap my brain around it first. 

His successful campaign must have something to do with the war table he has set up in his room....

All in all it was a fun night.  I hope we can do it again.

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