Monday, November 14, 2011

No Words

Can really describe our time at the Mall for the Christmas Parade.

It was a good time, there was a band.  And of course Santa......

Immediately, both The Hubs and a friend of ours noticed that Santa was not wearing fall protection gear.  Then OSHA standards were discussed with in the group. 

 Whether or not she needed Fall Protection, is debatable. 

 These boots are made for walking...

 And that's just what they did.

 Oh good.  Santa made it down safely.

 She marches to the tune of her own drummer..

 Which would be this guy.

Someone had the wild and crazy idea to march the band down the escalator.  Fortunately, no elves were harmed.

 Alex is not much for Christmas music played by a marching band that is inside a building that echos.

Im kind of jealous.  I wish I could let go of my inhibitions and just dance freely.

After the parade, it was time for a nice leisurely ride through the mall, via train.

Alex was all about kicking back and chillin'.

The engine.

We weren't sure what to think of this.  Although, Im pretty sure this was a failed attempt at advertisting for Aflac.

My Little Capitalist letting go of his own inhibitions....

Moops expressing his disappointment in my not providing him the chance to wear his Cowboy Gear today.  In my defense, I had no idea that taming wild mustangs via the carousel was on our agenda.

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