Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is the week of Thanksgiving.  I'm really excited, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  What other holiday is solely about enjoying the family you have and the food to feed them.  There are no extravagant gifts, no exciting events (aside from football).  It's about family and feast. 

Earlier today I found an article about being a kid in England during World War II.  The writer talked about creating games out of rocks, collecting used cigarette packages and how much fun he had as a kid.  In a War Zone.  My Grandmother has similar stories, but she grew up in Germany during WWII.  Even with all the destruction and violence surrounding them, they both recall their childhoods as happy and productive.

Now, while my children grew up during a time of War.  Stepford was far from a War Zone.  And even with The Hubs fighting in the War, our kids were not exposed to the actual War itself.  Their experience was sheltered, consisting of me being there for them and activities to support our troops. 

And what do we face?  The desire for Ipads and Video Games.  And matching socks.

One story that really sticks with me, is when my Grandmother told me about how she learned how to knit.  She was so excited, she didn't care what kind of yarn she got, as long as she could knit.  So, most of the socks she made were far from coordinated.  But you know what, those socks went to soldiers who needed them and didn't not give a care as to how well they matched their uniforms.  Im sure the same would be true of our troops today.  Quality vs coordination......

And to this day my Grandmother still makes things, granted, there is a lot of purple involved.  But everything is made with that same energy and effort.  And that is what makes it special.  Well, that and the fact that there is no one else waltzing about in a purple felt fedora, not even Prince!

Hug your loved ones this year, give them matching socks, and let them dictate what entertains them this season. 

While I agree that Steve Jobs was an incredible individual.  I also think that holding back and letting your kids create an iPad out of a pad of paper and pencil may just be as innovative as the iPhone you might be reading this on.....

And in addition.  I think it is hilarious that iPad and iPhone were included in my spell check........

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