Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Those right there, they are Drunken Gummies!  All things Gummy soaked in Vodka and Grain Alcohol.  They are GOOOOOOD and they are potent.

I had one, got that shiver up my spine and decided one was enough. 

The Hubs.  He had more than one.  And he paid for it on Sunday, right along with the rest of the neighborhood.

You could tell who was at the Halloween Party on Saturday, simply by how they looked Monday Night.  The Smurfs in particular were still a little blue around the edges, come Monday.

 This here is my kids' stash, BEFORE I took my Mommy Tax cut.  They were allowed one piece last night after Dinner.  And then I allowed them 1 piece in their lunch boxes, and they got another piece after school.  I WAS going to let them have a piece after Dinner as well, because well, it is a holiday after all.  But then Moops and Izzy both had Meltdowns, in Public, and caused scenes.

So, I took the 3rd Piece of Candy away today. 

I have come to the conclusion that these meltdowns were not the result of the 3 piddly pieces of candy "I" gave them.  And being that I have superior Mothering Skills, I know WHY those two had meltdowns and Ike and Alex did not. 

See, Alex, he doesn't like candy much.  With the exception of Kit Kats and Yorks, Alex would prefer carrot sticks to candy.  No Lie.  He is more of a Salty kid, not only in taste but personality too.  Give him a bag of Cheetos, and he will suck all the cheese powder off in record time.  FYI.  Don't share a bag of Cheetos with Alex.  He sucks off the cheese, and returns the turd back into the bag.....  My Sister discovered that tidbit of info the hard way.

Ike, he has a sweet tooth.  He hasn't met a Candy he doesn't like; vegetables however, he hasn't met a veggie he likes.....  BUT, he has also been home with me all week.  So, his Candy Consumption has been kept to a very Strict Uptight Controlling Mom Standard. 

Moops and Izzy though, well I know for a fact there was other refined sugar, chemically altered and red dye laden treats made available to them at school.  I know Moops in particular, his cubby was jam packed full of evil sinful high fructose corn syrup filled treats.  And not a crumb made it home.  That means, he ate it all prior to trick or treating.

Izzy, knowing her.  She too was stocked up and noshing on the poisons of Halloween long before we hiked the neighborhood and hounded the neighbors for even more.....  I'm pretty sure she snuck into the candy stash on her own, when my back "was turned" and stocked up for continuous consumption.  I only caught her twice, but knowing her and that sweet tooth of hers, at least 5 attempts were made.  And looking at the depleted levels of candy in the bowl, it could have been more along the lines of 10 attempts.

These were my kids just after Trick Or Treating.  I had not allowed them to consume their treats yet.  I also fed them Dinner before they consumed their treats.  And then they were given one treat each.  Then bathed.  Then put to bed, promptly at 9 pm.

I did all this knowing what I would have on my hands, had I not.  And well, there is not enough Wine on the planet to survive that more than once.  And I like their teachers this year, so I do my best to insure their teachers like them in turn. 

Moops, had met his match though.  Way too much stimulation over the last 4 days.  Way too much Candy over the last 48 hours.  And confined spaces at Jiu Jitsu.  This made for an irritated Moops.  Which Izzy fed off of, and developed a frenzy all of her own.  Once 6 pm rolled around I had 2 in tears and 2 plugging their ears.

We have since calmed down again.  We feasted on Lasagna and blood sugar is no longer plummeting.

And now Moops is attempting to convince me to dissect his pumpkin, harvest the seeds and create a new pumpkin in our garden......  He even tapped the pumpkin, thumped it a few times, and confirmed that there was no chance in saving the pumpkin. 

He reassured me that this is how it works, his class read a book about it. 

I don't know if I should be concerned or impressed.  My son wants to implement organ harvesting to create a new life.  But he also doesn't seem at all bothered that he declared his pumpkin a vegetable either. 

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  1. Your posts crack me up! My oldest is a candy-fanatic and was caught with chocolate on her face during yesterday's homework time. What a crazy holiday!