Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Grandma Says....

That those assholes that are making employees show up at night so they can open at midnight on Black Friday are well...... Assholes.

I'm paraphrasing of course.  My Grandmother wouldn't say "asshole" unless of course you pissed her off enough for her to blurt it out.  Actually, no that isn't true.  She would.  Or she would call you a "That Broad" if you are a woman......

But you get the gist of her opinion.

And I agree.  One Super Gazillion Bazillion QuadraMillion Percent!

For one.  You can rest assured that my overfed quite possibly hungover behind will NOT be shopping AT ALL on Black Friday.  For 4 reasons.

1.  I have absolutely no desire to turn our holiday season into a reality show.  We have Kim K. for that.

2.  There is nothing on this planet, or my kids' Santa's Wish List, worth a War Zone Conflict Experience.  As the wife of an OIF Veteran, there is nothing that will get me to relive that situation except that of a justified reason to defend our country.

3.  And the MOST IMPORTANT REASON.......  Thanksgiving is about FAMILY.  It is about enjoying what makes life worth living.  Thanksgiving is the introduction to the Season Of Giving, not the Season of Sales.  To be honest, Thanksgiving is just the beginning of a season that should be dedicated entirely to family.  Regardless of anything, what so ever......  Period!

4.  The Hubs has Black Friday off, and my Sister will be in town.  That means I must take advantage of the familial eclipse.  Not only that, but the High Museum of Art has an exhibit I want to see.....

For those Retailers that claim that Consumers are Demanding they open at Midnight.  I call BULLSHIT with and extra side of moldy Thanksgiving leftovers.  No one in their RIGHT FRAME OF MIND is going to be camping out at your front door on the ONLY DAY of THANKS our Country Recognizes.  Only those you convince to do so otherwise. 

So, I encourage ALL living organisms that have the ability to spend money to wait.  Sleep In.  ENJOY your day of Thanksgiving, and rest assured that retailers have the newest Elmo in stock even after Black Friday, and if they don't.  If you wait 2 months, you can surprise your 3 year old with a "just because" gift.  Which is even more significant than an Xmas Gift.

Even better, take your kids out on Black Friday.  Find a park, movie, even arcade.  And just have a good time.  Enjoy what makes life good.  Not a damn sale on crap....

And in other news.  The Hubs has threatened to blog himself.  I have of course called his bluff, and in turn, set up a blog called "paternally deranged" for him to get started on.  He is currently asleep, so he has no idea that I did this.  So, if you comment (even if you do not speak English), PLEASE do so.  I would love to see him blog as well! 

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