Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Many Moons ago a conflict occurred.  What our Colony of people felt was fair, differed from the Governing body. 

In Turn, a series of events led to the eventual birth of a new nation.

We as a people of the Colonies, we wanted to be a sovereign people.  There wasn't much to our requests, but they were genuine.

As a result of the conflict of opinions, a war broke out.  And at that time, we were challenged with a vast Army that could easily topple a congregation of simple hard working people.  We knew this, and in turn used our minds and found a way to overcome the insurmountable. 

In turn, a Nation was born.  One born of ingenuity, desire, and free will. 

We knew we had to rewrite the rules in order to overcome, and we did.  We figured it out, invented new methods, and created a situation we could overcome. 

This is what it means to be an American.

Fast forward a hundred years, give or take.  Our young Nation faced adversity, and grappled with the concept of freedom yet again.  For a time our country was divided, and it took the ingenuity, desire and free will of our people, to once again rise against all odds and create what we felt was the path of our Country.  And while it was a long and treacherous route, we overcame the odds using the same desire, ingenuity, and free will that our country was born with.  This time around, we evolved equally, thanks to the few that heard the call to lead our Nation.

Less than a century later, we find ourselves forced into a conflict we had hoped to avoid.  For the second time around.  We found ourselves battling entities we would have preferred to never had interacted with.  And we found our men, once again in the trenches, serving to protect and defend what we had worked so hard to create.

And only a short time later, do we find ourselves, yet again fighting for what we feel is the way to live. 

I know, from experience, that the Men and Women who put on the uniform that leads to fighting for our country, do not do so for prestige or recognition.  There is no way we could repay them what they deserve for the service they provide. 

What we can do, is learn to respect what this Nation was built on.  And continue to live by the values that created our Country. 

To each and every Man and Woman that has served to protect our Nation.  A simple but genuine Thank You, I forward to you.  And to those whose loved ones gave their lives to secure mine, a piece of my soul belongs to you.

My one goal, as a Mother, is to raise my kids to be Americans.  I hope that they live their lives with the ingenuity, desire and free will that built this country.  I want for them, what our founding fathers wanted for us.  Nothing more.

Thank You to our Veterans on this day dedicated to them. 

And on a more personal note.  I thank My Grandfather, Dad, Uncle, Husband, Brother In Law,and many dear friends for their service to our Country.

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