Monday, September 12, 2011

Failure To Launch

It was a fun afternoon.  An afternoon filled with sunshine, pleasant temps and several little girls attempting to defy gravity.  These girls are aspiring to be the next generation of Dallas Cheerleaders.....  They got their pyramid built, they got their smallest cheerleader to the top.  They then launched her headfirst into the landscaping......  I sure hope what she landed in was just black mulch.  She is tough though, she got up, brushed herself off, and then informed Mom that it was time to go home.  Not even a flinch, although Im sure once with in the safe havens of her Mom's Suburban, Tropical Storm Cheerleader took hold.

Across the park were different circumstances.  Them being of the fearless boy kind, and a zip line.

 Here he is charging up.  Had I known what 10 seconds could provide, I would have only counted to 2....  I should develop a concept car based off of the energetic youth and then sell it.  Oh wait, I would have to go back to college and become an engineer of some sort.  Ooooohhhhh, I'd have to go back to college.  Uh, hmmmmmm.  You know what.  Ill build a Fred Flinstone Car and market it!  Yeah.  That is what I will do.

 No failure to launch here......

In Fact.

He keeps going.

 and going.

 and going.

 and going.

 until I tell him I am tired and moving on.

 Izzy had a falling out with her BFF. 

 She really had a good strong hold on my heart strings this afternoon.  I ended up cheering her up with some Taco Bell, and a carbonated HFCS laden soda. 

The boys had a good time in the sand.

This is their interpretation of the Moon Landing.  Ok, actually this is Alex's interpretation of a pothole in Texas.......

Oh and did I mention that my Dear Husband bought himself Brass Knuckles.  Yeah, apparently there is a violent part of Stepford I haven't encountered yet.  He then tried to convince me to join him in Martial Arts training.  When I shot him down, he accused me of expecting him to fight all my fights for me.

I refrained from the comment of "Im A Lover, Not A Fighter" because, well my husband is a man.  And he would take that comment out of context.

Then I thought I should retort with "Well, Brass Knuckles Aren't Going To Do You Much Good On The Back Nine"

But then I realized who I was talking to, and I knew he would have an equally abrasive retort to follow.

So, I finished off lame with "I try to make decisions that keep me out of conflict"

And as I ended that conversation, I realized I should have said "Well, I Am Too Damn Busy Ironing Your Khaki Pants And Button Up Shirts To Get Down And Dirty"........

But knowing my Hubby, we will have a repeat of this conversation.  And now I have a good one to dish out, for our next round. 

And if all else fails, I will cross my arms and pout!

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