Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Raining Men

Which is what happens when you keep your 5 year old home, due to the ectoplasm that has started oozing from his nose.

He feels fine, great even!  He gets to stay home on a school day, and create scenarios that involve chucking little green men from the landing of our stairs, all while his little brother provides sound effects.  Ike felt screaming in varying to decibels was appropriate for this scenario.

I just thought I'd share.  Because Ike has calm cute moments, and I have evidence to support that statement. 

 On occasion we come home to find the homestead surrounded.

We had a shootout right on the dining room table.

 There were a great many involved. 
And only a few left standing....

And then I decided I should give Izzy's trumpet a whirl.  That was interesting, and all evidence was destroyed in an unfortunate incident involving the clearing of space on my camera for documenting future evidence.

Oops.  My Bad.

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