Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Shit List

The Moops decided it needed to be updated.....  Then Izzy got ahold of it, and it some how "ripped".  So, in true Moops fashion, he created himself a new "shit list".  BUT, instead of listing out those who were behaving badly, he went ahead and made the list about those who were in good stature with him.........  This was genius......   We experienced a complete 180 in regards to cooperation then.  Ike, Izzy AND Alex were all interested in being on the "good list".  For the first time EVER, chores were done BEFORE I even had to ask.

What I want to know......  What is it, that a 5 year old has, that I dont.  Because I have implemented the "good list" in the past, and all I got were groans and eye rolls.

A five year old implements a "good list" and all of a sudden my house is down right immaculate.

Im down right jealous!

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