Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Conservative Stepford Behind Can't Make This Up!

I have to share this, because it is just too entertaining not to.

It has been GORGEOUS here the last week or so. Which is a little early, and makes me nervous for Winter. But Ill take it, regardless.

We went to a state park this afternoon. Again gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery. It was a great afternoon.

We will be going back in October for the Moonshine festival. Apparently, we live on 30 minutes away from where NASCAR was originated........ This is not the entertaining part, but it is mildly pertinent. The city hall for the town we were in is attached to the NASCAR/Moonshine museum........ Im building, there is more.

We then drive through the town, on our way home. And we pass an adult video store. Which, being Georgia, is closed on Sundays.

BUT, whomever owns this store is GENIUS!

He has his landscaping done on Sundays.....................

By a woman in a bikini and thong, weilding a weedwhacker.

I kid you not! It's like a free look on Sunday when you can't buy porn!

It took a while for my prude behind to figure it out. But here I sit, almost midnight going "DUH!!!!".

You gotta love the South, if only for the irony!

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