Monday, September 26, 2011

This Ain't Yo Ordinary Froo Froo Martial Arts.....

"They train to fight here, not pamper your confidence".  At least, I think that is how The Hubs describes our new Dojo.  He started Stick and Knife fighting on Saturday, afterwards he declared that it is really easy to kill someone with a knife.....  And then Sunday he woke up and realized he had muscles in his shoulders again. 

Meanwhile, back at the house on the hill that we again refer to as home front.....  I have come to the realization that we no longer should aim for finishing the basement.  Instead we should just set up a wrestling ring.  The Hubs can start his own Stepford MMA Circuit.  And in between bouts, I can send our 3 sons down there to wrestle, so then they stop wrestling upstairs where I have material possessions that I am relatively attached to, and in some instances are irreplaceable.  Im pretty sure we could park at least 15-20 golf carts on the back lawn, 10 on the front lawn, 6 in the driveway.  That way we are not breaking HOA Covenants...

Speaking of Dojos.  Alex has BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) 4 days a week, so I have turned our Swagger Wagon into a Mobile Education Station aka MESS (I added and "S" for asthetic purposes).  I have all the supplies necessary to educate my children, while on the move.  I have books, paper, pencils, crayons, and more than likely an award winning science fair project growing somewhere.  Better yet, the kids are quite literally a captive audience, and being that I am too cheap; no TV to distract them. 

Admittedly though, the Swagger Wagon or aka MESS is not conducive to Trumpet Practice.  We had to squeeze that in before BJJ, as well as the argument as to whether Izzy was  playing hacking Mary's Little Lamb, or going Merrily Along The Way.

And of course, no day would be complete unless Mommy learned something too.  Today's lesson involved my Driving and it was led by the ever so experienced 11 year old Daughter of mine, better known as Izzy.

Now, that I have adequately meandered off course and reasonably got you all distracted.  Back to our originally scheduled deranged commentary.  Moops had issues with his rhyming homework, somehow the works of Dr Seuss just dont toggle his brain in an effecient manner.  It wasnt until he found Alex's gaming magazine and found an ad for Red Dead Redemption that he caught on to the whole rhyming scheme.  He grasps rhymes if you rhyme it with Dead, but rhyming anything to King, Cake, or Mouse totally escapes his capacity for competent thought. 

And tonight I vetoe'd The Hubs' ban on red meat.  For one, I scored an awesome Rib Eye for an incredible price.  And two, he handed me instructions on the proper care and maintenance of his new Gi.    Funny how he didn't seem too upset by my veto.

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