Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mommy. You Were WRONG!

That will be the very first statement my lovely daughter will make, as she returns home from a full day of puberty infested education enrichment.

I should give a shout out to Tropical Storm Lee, who has so kindly drenched the Deep South and spawned a few twisters to keep it interesting.

I should also thank The Hubs for announcing "Look We Are Under A Tornado Watch!" just loud enough for the kids to hear.

To which I replied instinctively with "Thanks A Lot!  Now we've got panic control to deal with"

I then reassured my lovely daughter that there would be no tornados.  We were all good!

So, what happens.  A tornado.  Yup.  Because Mother Nature has some serious PMS going on, and Murphy informed her that I have challenged her with my statement.

But see, she being female, knows how to play the game as well.  So, while we slept peacefully and I sincerely thought we actually did avoid tornados.

Just a mere 2 exits south of us, was a tornado........

And of course, since it did happen in our county.  There will be commentary made at school.  Because at least one kid will have heard it via radio/tv/facebook/parents talking......  And being that my lovely daughter revels in proving me wrong.  She will find out!

I know this seems so minor, and not worth mentioning.  But see, lovely daughter absolutely revels in bringing me down a notch.  And so I won't hear the end of this, until I redirect her focus back onto her and cause a major distraction.  Like threatening to put her on weed pulling duty if she continues.

So, today I am wrong.  Which, if I think about it enough, is a refreshing respite from being MEAN!

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