Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's A Good Thing.......

Alex scored a whopping deal for his tank.  Capitalism is alive and surging through his veins.  He can't wait to reinvest his money elsewhere, take what he can get from it, and then sell sell sell!  Yeah, there is very little (I mean none) variation in the genetic makeup of The Hubs and Alex. 

Moops is about to experience an influx of funds himself, as he sets off to discover the exotic yet elusive Tooth Fairy.  Yes, Moops has his first loose tooth.  And in true Fatherly Fashion, The Hubs has successfully freaked Moops out.  We discovered the loose tooth while noshing on Warren's favorite food, Corn on the Cobb.  This discovery required quite an extensive explanation, which The Hubs happily volunteered to knock out.

The first question being "Can you pull it out?".

The first answer being "sure thing, Ill just run to the garage and grab my pliers". 

The second question being "Will it hurt?". 

The second answer being "Oh heck yeah!  And it will bleed too".

Moops has not let Daddy Dearest near his mouth.  Moops is smart like that.

And I will soon be adding yet another notch into my Mom Belt.  Having extensive experience in being the Ballet Mom, Cheer Mom, Cheer Coach Mom, Soccer Coach who has no idea how to play the game but got roped into coach because "no one else is willing to do it" Mom, Football Mom, Room Mom for Kinder through Medical School (hey a girl has dreams), FRG Leader, Mean Mom, and wife to The Hubs.  It has been decided that my next venture as a Mom will be Dojo Mom.  And being who I am married to, it will be for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that kind that was used by some short dude who wow'd the MMA world.  Although, there is apparently a new kind of marital art out there inspired by Batman, and involves 2 people attempting to kick your butt simultaneously...... 

While the kids do the Jiu Jitsu, The Hubs wants to take up some other from of MMA that I don't know how to spell or pronounce.  I just know that is involves big sticks, knives and me attempting to explain to the ER DR that my Stepford Husband shunned Golf for climate controlled coached violence.

We had a lovely conversation about how my afternoons will be consumed with searching for the various pieces of gi's with in Mount Idontwanttofoldlaundry, spraying down sparing gear, and most likely the occasional injury given our lack of coordination.  I wonder if anyone would notice my sneaking substitution of Mom Juice in my water bottle?

Now, off I go to assist in the creation of a 3D model representing both a plant and animal cell.  At least we have already knocked out decimals for the afternoon.  You know what, Izzy hasn't practiced her trumpet yet.....  Yeah.  Background music!

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