Sunday, September 18, 2011

It Is With Great Regret

That I announce the passing of a loyal and aged friend. 

On this day of September 18,2011, we say goodbye to The Hubs' Chevy Crapalier.  It was a loyal car, and stuck with us through thick and thin.  We enjoyed 8 solid years of no car payments, low insurance and minimal car repairs.  It may not have been a looker, or even all that remotely comfortable.  But it did serve us well, consistently and efficiently.

Being that the Crapalier died on the 285/75 interchange during a time of heavy traffic.  It was a traumatic death to say the least.  The Hubs, being stranded in the center lane, was not able to resuscitate; and found himself relying on the help of others blocking traffic, while he pushed the Crapalier to the side of the road. 

It was decided that implementing Life-Support was not a rational approach.  And so the Crapalier was towed to the dealership, where it was probably sold for scrap. 

I think it would be proper to take a moment of silence, as we fondly remember our loyal form of transportation.  The Crapalier.. 

RIP Crapalier


With that said.

It is with Great Joy

That we introduce you to the newest addition to our family!

Her name is Gladis.  I think.  The Hubs hasn't really put much effort.

While we are now faced with a new car payment, higher insurance and a reduction in our bank account.  We do want to point out the 30-40 MPG that Gladis does provide.

And she still smells new too!

In other news..........

My Beautiful Daughter has come out.

It was with a great deal reflection, and acceptance that I announce.

Izzy has a calling for Beauty Pageants.

and not just any kind of Beauty Pageants, but all out full Glitz Pageants.

So, not only will I be adding Dojo Mom to my storied work history.  But also Pageant Mom.

I'm assuming this would not be a good head shot to submit......


  1. it died because Jake and I washed it, didn't it...

  2. Ally wants to do them too, but I just don't think I have the time for them!! I did tell her if they did a Little Miss OK, that I would look into it. As long as she doesn't see Toddlers & Tiaras I should be able to stall for a bit!!


  4. Leah. Im pretty sure that is the case. January, if at all possible. just avoid toddlers and tiaras at all costs...... And thanks Sylvia, Im wanting to breathe myself. But its' hard. It has been a hard week.......WHEW!