Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Intent Was

To Tire Them Out!

 We Failed~

 You know it's gonna be an uphill battle when the sparkly sunglasses come out.

 The natives were miffed when we refused to let them get into the water.

 See the shirt on the tallest boy?  That would be an ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros shirt he obsconded with on our last trip to Texas.  From my not so little brother, the 6 foot something one. 

 That would be a shot of Amicalola Falls in Dawson County, Georgia....

 Again with the falling water.....

 Check out the view!

 Next time we bring Ella.  She would be my sister's dog, she is spoiled.  Especially when she comes to visit Auntie and that weird husband of hers.....  There was no sitting under the table waiting for scraps for this pup. 

This is why she likes to visit!

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